Moatr Newsletter

As a subscriber to the Moatr newsletter you’ll have a fresh issue of Moatr hit your inbox every Monday morning.

Here is what you’ll find each week:

  • A review of the previous week with details about global index returns and US sector returns
  • A preview of the week ahead that will touch on items like important economic data point releases, important corporate news, global macroeconomic data etc…
  • Company spotlight report where I link you to the latest report on a company in our research universe
  • Link to my Google Sheet with my full research universe with strong buy, accumulate, hold, reduce or sell ratings
  • A chart of the week that I find interesting and related commentary
  • Just for fun image of the week taken from somewhere in the digital ether
  • Quote of the week that I find meaningful

Moatr Newsletter Archive

2.26.2024 – Moatr Issue 5
2.19.2024 – Moatr Issue 4
2.12.2024 –Moatr Issue 3
2.5.2024 – Moatr Issue 2
1.29.2024 – Moatr Issue 1
1.22.2024 – Moatr Issue 0