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Is Apple the Next Tech Giant?

Apple looks good to me, but despite several requests from readers, I haven’t finished my analysis yet. That will be forthcoming. In the meantime, consider these nuggets:

Apple grew 450% since 2003. In that same period Microsoft grew 40% and Google grew 350%.

Apple has five huge product launches on deck including a new operating system, an Apple TV, a fully-fledged video iPod and of course, the much anticipated iPhone. Other companies would kill to have the potential growth from any single one of those products.

Apple has 85% of the download music market — a cosiderable moat created by a great user experience and huge brand leverage. Couldn’t they see 20% growth in each of those new products? Maybe a lot more.

This stock could be severely undervalued if someone can get to the bottom of the real future growth — and we’re going to try to give that to you.

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